Fit for the Now - Offering Fitness training, strength training, Yoga Sculpt, Meditation and Vinyasa Yoga Classes.  Helping you Train for the Now, Awaken your Heart and Calm your Mind, bringing Out what already lies within - Strength, peace, love, and an abundance of Joy.

Alexis Cress

All that you need to make you happy is already within you.  You are divine perfection.  You are perfect.  You are loved.  Lets discover what "makes your heart sing."  Join me in my Fit for the Now offerings for where you are in your lifetime right now.  I offer strength training sessions, personal fitness training sessions, yoga sculpt, vinyasa yoga classes, and meditation classes.  We'll learn how to strengthen our core, synch breath with movement, quiet our minds, and open our hearts to what already lies within.  


Awaken Your Heart, quiet Your Mind, Discover Your True, Divine, Beautiful Self