Fit for the Now - Offering Fitness training, strength training, Yoga Sculpt, Meditation and Vinyasa Yoga Classes.  Helping you Train for the Now, Awaken your Heart and Calm your Mind, bringing Out what already lies within - Strength, peace, love, and an abundance of Joy.

Alexis Cress

Tuesdays: 9:00am Vinyasa Flow at my Home Yoga Studio

Thursdays: 8:00am Vinyasa Flow at Bali Rica in the Ojochal Village


Please bring a yoga mat, towel, and water bottle with you to class.  If you are attending a meditation session, please bring some type of cushion or a couple of towels to sit on.  Most importantly, "empty your cup" before you arrive - release any expectations of yourself and what you think will happen and instead be in the present moment with your breath and smile!


Please check back weekly, as schedules may change